Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Paper Planes

We went to the whare fono Mr Morans literacy group. We made paper planes. Mr Moran show us how to make the plane. Then we played the boys and girls and after that we did a competition. We went to class and writing  about the paper planes. The boys won and his name was Valeli.    

roller coste

1st Sentence: What do you see walking up to the ride?
I was novese when i saw the rollercoaster .
2nd Sentence: How do you feel?
As I ran to the line I had butterflies in my tummy.
I felt nervous as I skipped across the bridge to the line.
As I crept to the line I felt like I was in danger.
3rd Sentence: Waiting in line.
If i went on the roller coaster ride i wede have a slow samek

relay race

When we did are mihi and karakia .
Who went Mr Moran writing calls .
 Where This morning .
What did you do we did relay race.
To  times the race was and it was the boys vs Gris it was fun
Then we went to calls and writing about the relay race
And talked about the relay race. I got dise because we have to send aer ran poled

my animations term 1

this term we are picking up rubbish so we can keep our land clean. and keep our school clean and our geek
so it can be clean.