Monday, 27 November 2017

Money:How much is it?

Here is my maths work about money and figuring out which notes and coins to use to make the total amount.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Helpful jj50

Helpful Junior Journal 50

List the reasons why the children didn’t want to help Grandad in the garden. Use full sentences
It was hard work.  
They got sweaty hands.
Their backs hurt because they were pulling the weeds out.
The spade gave them blisters.
They got dirty nails.
Grandad was fussy, it takes along time to do the gardening.

On page 28, why did the author write
Dad shook his head
Stop it

What did grandad do before he left the house?

To get the spade

On page 29, why did the author write
Vika beamed at him
i’m sorry Kele won’t be helping you after all.

What was Kele doing when he waved at Matt?
Playing basket ball.

On page 32, why did the author write
He rushed straight to the gate before Grandad could change his mind.
Because he didn't want to help.

On page 32, why did the author write
Dad laughed and patted Vika on the back.
Because he was proud of her.

Monday, 13 November 2017

my story

once upon a time on mabury st there was a odd looking house that all the kids on the street  wanted to explore. This house belonged to the McCarry family and there were five family members who lived in the odd house, Nana, Shania, Syriah, Zane, and me my name is Letoria ant this is my story of my odd house.
My odd house is odd because it is the only house that is shaped like a tree. It has ten bedrooms and each of us get two rooms
1 room is for sleeping  and the other room is for games. All the kids in my street always ask if they could climb to the top of the tree, because you can see gi and even see the city from the top
I love my odd house it stands it’s just like me.

                      The End