Monday, 13 November 2017

my story

once upon a time on mabury st there was a odd looking house that all the kids on the street  wanted to explore. This house belonged to the McCarry family and there were five family members who lived in the odd house, Nana, Shania, Syriah, Zane, and me my name is Letoria ant this is my story of my odd house.
My odd house is odd because it is the only house that is shaped like a tree. It has ten bedrooms and each of us get two rooms
1 room is for sleeping  and the other room is for games. All the kids in my street always ask if they could climb to the top of the tree, because you can see gi and even see the city from the top
I love my odd house it stands it’s just like me.

                      The End


  1. Hi Miss Tori, I love this story about your odd house and I agree it totally is just like you a little bit odd sometimes but still very beautiful. I can't believe that the picture you had drawn is so similar to the one in the picture we saw. I am so super proud of you and I cant wait to see more blog posts from you in the future. Keep being AMAZING!

  2. Miss Tori Your story about your Odd House is amazing !!
    I Love that the kids want to climb the tree and see what a amazing view you have . You mentioned a games room , Any particular game you like to play ?.
    Keep Being You Miss Tori and look forward to your answer about the Game's

    Ms Haare x