Friday, 2 June 2017

was door was locked so,I felt something under the mat, then it was a hammer. I got the hammer and went searching and i was so so scared as the crying baby was a radio, I looked behind me and there was a plate came smashing down from the stairs. The door slowly creeks open. I Poke my head in and look inside and i saw chucky.He was holding the key  and chucky said do you have a phone chucky killed the baby. And Annabelle was and There are people standing talking, the people is, and they are in a room and there is are pabe looked on the door the key is in the room.


  1. HI Letoria I love your work that you have showed me so keep it up. BY ZOE

  2. Hi Letoria
    What a GREAT scary story! Keep sharing your great learning.
    From Miss T.A

  3. thank you for the comments